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Spring 2014

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Looking to the Future

With his booming laugh and great big heart, Kim A. Wilcox was officially invested as the ninth chancellor of UC Riverside on April 24.

Lilledeshan Bose

First came the bagpipes. The high-pitched drone of the march “Major George Morrison” wafted into the Student Recreation Center as the UCR Pipe Band led the Academic Procession. The student marshals, bearing their colleges’ flags, followed.

Then a rainbow of regalia worn by UCR faculty members made its way up the aisle, led by Ameae Walker, the faculty marshal. By the time the official party walked in — the vice chancellors, the administrative officers, the honored speakers, the members of the UC Board of Regents, and even UC President Janet Napolitano — there was somewhat of a traffic jam leading up to the podium.

Chancellor Wilcox Selfie

First Shot

Who took the selfie with Chancellor Wilcox moments before he was officially invested into office?

That would be Reem Blaik, a 21-year-old junior studying sociology, and law and society. Blaik, a social media intern in the Undergraduate Admissions Department, was covering the investiture as part of her job. “I was sitting in the front bleachers, and when I saw Chancellor Wilcox [approaching the stage] I was hesitant to approach him, but I asked for a photo.”

Surprisingly, Wilcox agreed to the photo; what happened next is going down in UCR history. “I don’t know what got into me — but my proximity to the chancellor and his approachable personality made me feel like I had nothing to lose,” Blaik explained. “Before the line started to move again, I quickly asked the chancellor if I could take a selfie with him. He laughed and said, ‘Why not?’ The next thing I know, I’m doing the selfie-reach and taking a hand-held, self-portrait with the ninth chancellor of UCR!”

— Lilledeshan Bose

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First Shot

It was April 24, and the whole campus was celebrating the investiture of Kim A. Wilcox, the ninth chancellor of the University of California, Riverside. More than 650 members of the UCR and UC community were in attendance at the investiture, which was followed by a large public reception near the campus’ iconic bell tower.

As Wilcox waited for his turn to walk up on stage, a student jumped out of her seat and asked to take his picture. No, wait — could she also take a selfie with the chancellor? Moments before he was to be invested into office?

Of course, Chancellor Wilcox said yes.

To many, that gracious gesture says so much about the kind of chancellor Wilcox is. There is his vision, of course; an intention to expand UCR’s faculty by 300 ladder-rank scholars, provide for the addition of new facilities, and take new measures to achieve increased globalization.

There is his heart. As Wilcox spoke about how his life paralleled UCR’s growth (both were born in 1954, so to speak), he choked up as he recalled his path to the chancellorship. He was a first-generation college student. His grandfather had only a third grade education. His father made it through the sixth grade, eventually graduating from high school the year before Wilcox’s sister.


“What distinguishes Chancellor Wilcox as the perfect leader for UC Riverside is his deep commitment to diversity, inclusion, and student success.”

Janet Napolitano, president, University of California

And always, there is his Highlander pride and knowledge that he is in charge of leading UCR into a bright future. “UCR has emerged as a model for higher education in the 21st century,” Wilcox said in his closing remarks.

“I look forward to working with each and every one of you to ensure that we remain a model for others to emulate for generations to come.”


“UCR plays a critical role in our region, and has developed thousands of great minds. It has long been a vehicle of upward mobility for Riverside County.”

Mark Takano ’10 M.F.A., congress representative, 41st district

“I bring greetings from the bears, mustangs, anteaters, bruins, bobcats, tritons, gauchos and lastly but most importantly — banana slugs. As you can see, we’re an accomplished and fun group.”

George R. Blumenthal, chancellor, UC Santa Cruz


“UCR is setting a university standard for other UC campuses in the both the admission and graduation rates.”

Bruce Varner, chairman, UC Board of Regents

“[When we met Chancellor Wilcox for the first time] he illustrated his genuine curiosity and receptiveness about student issues, concerns and hopes. We, as students, felt very connected and excited about the future of UCR.”

Sahil Patadia, president, Associated Students of UCR


“Be bold and lead UCR into a bright future. Make this a special place where young men and women of every race, creed, religion and sexual orientation and identity will grow and flourish.”

Mary Schuler ’70, president, UCR Alumni Association